10659434_969249456471973_15439838524018288_nWe all have our favorite skin care products, those miracle anti-aging crèmes that fill our wrinkles, restore elasticity and perfect our skin.  Wiping away the years, making us look and feel younger and more vibrant.  Well what would happen if you used that same idea and technology for your hair?  That is exactly what Oribe did with it’s new revolutionary Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Crème.  Applied to damp hair this crème hydrates and plumps hair, smoothing away signs of damage and aging, leaving hair looking healthier and younger after just one use.  This amazing product does everything you could possibly want for your hair; it strengthens, repairs, protects, and adds hold, leaving you with a ultra beautiful blowout that will last for days.

Imperial Blowout is on our shelf ready to take your blowout to the next level!

7_seconds_glossingThe humidity levels are rising making it ever so hard to keep that blowout perfect all day long, thankfully Unite is on the scene with their new 7Seconds Glossing spray.  This finishing spray is an anti-humectant, fighting frizz and smoothing hair while adding beautiful shine.  It also provides thermal protection for when you want to follow up your blow dry with hot tools.  This heavenly spray is weightless leaving hair soft and glossy with no greasy or sticky feeling.  It is the perfect summer spray you are sure to love!  It is on our shelf ready for you today.

11742797_943777815685804_8090890331006415213_nFinally Oribe has come out with a light weight detangling spray, Run-through Detangling Primer is everything you could want in a primer and more.  Spray on damp hair roots to ends and then comb through with ease, knots seemingly disappear while hair is conditioned and hydrated without feeling heavy or weighed down.  This spray seals the cuticle to protect, repair and strengthen hair as well as boost shine, leaving hair vibrant and beautiful.  And with superior thermal protection your hair ready for heat styling.  The spray is sure to be everyone’s new favorite.

16897_872943716102548_9026486372961012953_n10428591_875903132473273_2926825105454345815_n11006434_873640936032826_5387541617264326389_nAttention all blondes, this is something you need to take notice of: Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color.  Why?  When coloring hair blonde, stylists have a very delicate balancing act that they perform lifting color out while adding violet to counteract hair’s warm undertones which will lead to brassiness.  This allows you to leave the salon with the perfect, eye pleasing shade of blonde.  However after the salon it is up to you at home to keep that color looking perfect.  Shampoos with sulfates, ocean water and sun exposure can lift pigment from the hair to reveal the underlying pigment and cause brassiness. And products containing silicone or parabens, as well as mineral deposits from the shower or swimming pool, can cause buildup that will also lead to brass.

Oribe has come up with a solution for fighting the brass at home: Oribe Bright Blonde.  This violet shampoo-conditioner duo is formulated to correct brassiness and yellow tones while brightening natural highlights for hair that is healthier, shinier, and illuminated from within.  This set is made for everyday use with the perfect balance of violet tones to keep that salon blonde in between appointments and it will not stain hands or shower floors.  In addition the shampoo is sulfate free, specially designed to gently cleanse without affecting the brilliance of color and the conditioner is rich and indulgent, yet lightweight to repair damage and restore elasticity to color-processed hair.

It is the perfect pair for the perfect blonde!


11023519_863869827009937_2759875257171723449_nIf you color or highlight your hair we have a new product that can’t be ignored: Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray.  This exciting product will instantly cover greys and roots or revive highlights between appointments. Unlike wet sprays or cream formulas on the market which can spit, apply too much product at once, stain the skin and clothes or make hair look greasy; this dry powder formula is easy to apply, sets quickly and leaves hair feeling soft not sticky or stiff.   Simply spray on roots and watch as they are instantly concealed.  And as if this wasn’t enough, like a dry spray, this microfine powder also absorbs dirt and oil, refreshing hair as it covers and like all Oribe products it smells amazing.

These sprays have arrived and our on our shelf in 5 shades ready to help keep you hair looking great everyday of the year.   Don’t worry we will keep your colorful secret!

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