Tangled up by Resolutions | Tips for Tangle Free Hair

We are well into January and hopefully off to a great start with our New Year’s resolutions, however if getting out there and exercising is one of your goals for the new year, you may be experiencing the post vigorous cardio hair tangle blues.  If you have long hair there is always that dreaded moment after exercising that you have to take your hair down and try and brush through those matted knots.  Well fear no more, here are a few tips to keeping your hair tangle free even after the most strenuous activities:

1. Raise the bar on the pony. For those with long hair a ponytail just won’t cut it,  you need to upgrade your hairstyle.   The more secure you can get your hair the better so something like a braid or a bun are great choices.  Throwing your hair up in a quick ponytail maybe easy however you will be saving yourself time (and pain) in the end by spending a little more time beforehand.

2.  Don’t forget to brush.   Before you wash your hair, try to run a brush through it.  Your hair is in it’s most vulnerable state when it is wet so it is best to run a brush or a comb through it while it is dry to get most of the tangles out.

3.  Rely on the leave In.  When your hair is wet turn to a leave in conditioner to help smooth out the knots.  We love Unite’s 7SECONDS Condition, this miracle hair elixir instantly detangles as well as protects and repairs hair too.  It truly is a product that every woman should have.

4. Did we say don’t forget to brush?  The brush you choose to use when your hair is wet and tangled is so important.  A wide toothed comb is a good choice however the best choice for tangled hair is the Wet Brush.  Using this brush just once will make you a believer, you can actually feel where most combs will get stuck as you are brushing but the wet brush somehow eases through with no pain, no pulling, and no hair loss.

Now you have one less excuse not to keep that resolution!


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