Hostess Gifts | The Capri Blue Candles

sample2As the holidays grow near, schedules get loaded with holiday parties and get-togethers of old and new friends and what is often forgotten is the lost tradition of a hostess gift. When attending casual engagements or someone’s home for the first time bringing a small gift for your host or hostess is a great way to thank them for their hospitality and make them feel appreciated for all their efforts. Gifts don’t have to be expensive or elaborate, in fact a great hostess gift can just be a beautiful scented candle.

At Cut, we have just started carrying Capri Blue Candles which are not only beautiful and great smelling but they are a gift you can feel good about buying.  The candles are made of high quality food grade soy and are hand poured into each respective jar or tin.  These jars are made from recycled glass and steel and are crafted to be beautiful in hopes that each will be used in other ways around your house long after the candle has burned up.   In a time when so much of what we buy is made in other countries it feels good to find a gift made here in the USA by a company whose mission is creating a premier fragrance line with highest quality and eco-friendly practices.

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