What’s with all the Facial Hair? | Must be Movember

Have you noticed an increasing amount of men growing stubble, mustaches, goatees, and beards?  From news anchors to quarterbacks it seems like men everywhere have thrown their razors away.  Why?  Although the colder weather is very inviting for facial hair, it is something more than that.  This month has been deemed “Movember”  a combination of the words moustache and November.  This  is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches and facial hair during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and other male cancers; encouraging exams for early detection and raising money for charities involved in early detection and treatment of these cancers.  Even though November is in it’s final stretch it is not too late to get in on the action, in fact winter is a great time in general to sport the more masculine look of a goatee or beard.  Here are a few tips for growing and caring for your newly unshaven face.

For best and fastest growth it is important to take care of your skin.  Cleanse your face daily and use a good moisturizer.  You will also want to try exfoliating your face at least once a week to clear out the dead skin cells which will encourage growth and decrease the amount of ingrown hair as your stubble starts to come in.  Eat right, increase the amount of protein you eat, and add vitamins A, B, C, and E to your diet which will help speed up the growth.  Get lots of sleep and take steps to eliminate stress from your life.

As your facial hair starts to come in it is important to take care of it.  Don’t use bar soap to clean it, this will only make it dry and brittle.  You want to care for it like you care for the hair on top of your head.  Use a gentle or even a moisturizing shampoo to clean it and don’t forget the conditioner which will soften your beard and keep it from getting too wiry.  Last make sure you are using the right tools for trimming and up keep.  As your hair comes in it might be in you best interest to visit your hairdresser for shaping, tips, and advice to look your best.

Happy Movember everyone!

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