Routine Problems| Common Mistakes that Damage Hair

Every woman wants to have beautiful, shiny hair. We buy products to fix damage, protect, add shine, etc. but what women don’t realize is that there are a few common mistakes they are making daily that actually damage hair.

1.  Towel Drying Hair.  A typical after shower routine includes grabbing the polyester towel and aggressively rubbing wet hair and then tipping head upside down and wrapping hair in the towel turban on top of your head.  If this sounds familiar it is time to make some changes.  Wet hair is fragile and should be treated delicately. Rubbing hair with a towel is roughing up the cuticle causing breakage and frizz.  Instead treat wet hair with care, blot gently with a cotton or microfiber towel and when you are wrapping hair up to absorb that excess moisture make sure the towel it not too heavy as to pull hair (you may even consider ditching the towel and opting to wrap hair in a cotton t-shirt to prevent pulling and breaking the hair).

7SECONDS-Conditioner_lrg2. Brushing Wet Hair.  As explained above when hair is wet it is in its most fragile state so vigorously brushing through knots and tangles is causing breakage and damage.  We recommend using detangling spray like Unite 7Seconds or a cream like Oribe Supershine first to allow combs the glide through hair easier.  Then choose a wide toothed comb or a Wet Brush which has thin, flexible yet strong bristles that detangle without pulling, tearing, or ripping hair.  Slowly and deliberately work through tangles starting at the at the ends and gradually working your way up.

3.  Ponytails. Although the ponytail is an “in” trend that is an easy way to style hair in a hurry, there are a few problems that women should take care to avoid.  First off don’t use rubber bands, the sticky strength of a rubber band will cut and break hair. Opt for softer elastics instead.  Also don’t put your ponytail in the same spot every time, this can weaken hair and cause breakage.  Instead mix it up and while you are at it mix up your hair styles completely, your hair will be healthier and look fresher if you do.




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