The Salon Treatment | Box Coloring vs. Professional Coloring

Why choose to get your hair colored by a professional over a do it yourself box color?  This is a question that can be a sensitive topic but it is important to understand what you are getting with box color as compared to a salon treatment.

1.  One Size Fits All: Box color has a one size fits all approach to hair coloring.  They are selling the same box of color to women of varying hair shades who expect it to work.  In order to do that the little box of color is an extremely strong formula that is probably overkill for most hair.  This equates to more damage.  Your hairdresser spent a significant amount of time at school learning the chemistry and composition of coloring hair and at Cut, stylists attend regular coloring classes.  This knowledge of hair and color is put into play for each and every individual client.  They take into account everything: hair color, texture, skin color, past treatments, amount of gray hair, etc. when deciding what color and what developer strength is right for your hair.  This truly brings out the best in hair and keeps it healthy and happy.

2. Quality: Salon color is not the same as the color your find in that little box.  Like all products carried in the salon, it is carefully picked and is of the highest quality. You can’t just walk into a drugstore and get the color that your salon uses.  The higher quality dye means more beautiful, radiant color that lasts longer and leaves hair healthier.

3. Application: There is a reason that you don’t see a professional hairdresser using a squeeze bottle to apply your color, there is no control with it.  The only way to do precision color is to use a bowl and brush.  It is very hard to do just the roots with a bottle applicator, and applying color evenly to the whole head can be just as difficult.  And if you are applying all over color every time you are not doing your hair any favors. Layering color, over color, over color can leave hair opaque.  Opaque hair no longer reflects light and hair that doesn’t reflect light has no shine, it is dull on top of being dry and damaged from over coloring.


Left: Box Colored Hair

Right: Professional Salon Color Correction, Stylist: Valerie Beauchamp

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