Get the Salon Look | Blow-Dry Your Hair Like a Pro

Do you find yourself longing for that perfect salon blowout everyday?  How is it that your stylist can achieve such perfection, is there some kind of magic involved?  The answer is no.  That soft, beautiful, bouncy hair that lasts for days doesn’t just have to come direct from the salon, here are a few tips to achieve hair glory at home:

1. Start with clean hair damp hair (see Shampoo Secrets for more details).  Blot hair dry with a towel to absorb moisture…starting with hair that is too wet will take forever.

2. Apply product.  Product is key to a salon blowout, we love Oribe Royal Blowout for all hair types.  It not only protects hair from heat but speed up drying time and repairs split ends helping you achieve a blowout with body and shine.  Apply product to hair and comb through making sure it is distributed evenly.

3.   Use fingers.  Blow out excess moisture using fingers, concentrating at the roots as those will take the longest to dry.  Comb fingers through hair tousling as you dry until hair is about 75% dry.

4. Section hair and pull out your tools.  Section hair so that you may work concentrate on one small section at a time.  Place nozzle on your hair dryer and using a natural bristle brush start at the roots and pull hair taut and point hair dryer down as your pull brush through, don’t spend too much time on the ends as these will dry the quickest. Repeat until section is dry and move on to the next.

5.  Finish.  When all sections are dry switch hairdryer setting to cool and blow through which will help set your style.  Now apply a finishing serum or spray such as Oribe Impermeable Anti Humidity Spray which locks out humidity preventing frizz and adding shine.



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