Avoid Warm Weather Meltdown | Make-up Tips for the Heat

The thermometer is rising this week continuing through the weekend and this warm weather can cause challenges in your normal make-up routine.   Here are a few tips to avoid the summer meltdown and keep your make-up looking fresh and pretty even in the highest heat.

1.  Use a Primer:  When the weather is hot a primer for your face and for your eyes is a must.  Primers are lightweight and go on right after your moisturizer.  They not only help your make-up look better but will also help it stay put.

2.  Opt for a Tinted Moisturizer:  Foundations can be a bit too heavy for the heat, if you can make the switch to a tinted moisturizer.  A lightweight, sheer product is better in the summer but if it doesn’t provide you with the coverage you need try brushing on the foundation just in your problem areas.

3. Switch out the Sticks:  Lip sticks, like foundation can feel and look a little too heavy for the heat and can melt and slide.  To lighten up and still look put together and finished switch to a sheer gloss or a tint lip balm.

4.  Avoid Powdering your Nose:  If you get hot and sweaty throughout the day, you do not want to add powder to oil and perspiration, instead try keeping blotting papers in your purse.  Using the blotting papers rather than powder will absorb the oil and shine without disturbing your make-up and won’t leaving you looking floury or chalky.

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