Color Me Happy | Caring for Color Treated Hair

Freshly colored hair is the best, it is beautiful, vibrant, and shiny but if it  isn’t taken care of properly will end up looking dull, dry, and unhealthy.  When dying your hair there are a few things that you can do to keep it looking great in between visits to your hairdresser.

Shampooing: Wait at least a day to wash your hair after color treating (two days is better though).  Waiting allows your hair to fully absorb the color and prevents early fading.  When you do shampoo you need to use the right shampoo, one that is specially formulated for color treated hair.   We love Oribe Shampoo for Beautful Color.  This shampoo is gentle which helps prevent fading while providing intense moisture to combat damage.  It is also protects hair from environmental pollutants and UV rays.  Along with using the right shampoo it also behooves your color to shampoo less frequently, every other day or even every 3rd day will keep that color from fading.

Conditioning:  In addition to shampoo, your conditioning routine is just as important.  Using a good leave in conditioner can help protect your hair and also keep it looking shiny and healthy.  Once a month it is also great to indulge a conditioning masque like Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color.  A good masque will smooth the hair cuticle and counteract the dulling, drying effect of regular coloring.

Styling:  When you have color treated hair the chemical processing will cause the hair to become dull and look damaged.  Using a natural bristle brush (ie boar bristle) while blow drying can help increase shine.  You can also bump up the shine with products that contain argan oil which helps to nourish damaged hair and add incredible shine.  Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Oil is a great choice to add high shine and silkiness to hair and despite the name, this oil is actually clear unlike other argan oils; which allows even the blondest blondes to use without worrying that it will muddle hair color. It is also important to stay away from the wrong styling products.  Avoid products that contain alcohol, sodium chloride, and parabens which will cause color to fade and your hair to dry out.


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