Opening Day at Del Mar

This Wednesday, July 17th one of San Diego’s most fun and fashionable events will take place…yep that’s right it is opening day at the Del Mar races.  This day is not only about placing bets but celebrating style.  45,000+ race fans head to the track in their day wear finest which has to include a HAT.  Everyone knows that opening day is all about the hat and the “One and Only Truly Fabulous Hats Contest” so if you plan on being one of the thousands attending this year here are a few tips on how have beautiful hair under that hat:

1. A styling variation that works with every type of hat: Pull your hair over your ears and then pull your hat over both your ears and hair. For this style, it does not matter how long your hair is and whether it is straight, wavy or curly.

2. Curly hair will inevitably fall flat underneath a hat. You may decide to wear a style with curls only from ear level to the ends.

3. If you wear a chignon or ponytail, you should place it where it does not interfere with the fit of your hat.

4. If your hair is short or gathered in a ponytail or chignon, you may like to consider allowing a few strands to peek out from underneath the hat rim for a softer look.

5. Hair wax helps to keep fly-away hair in check. Simply spread some hair wax over the inside of your fingertips before pulling your hair into shape.

6. Dependent on your style, you may like your fringe to peek out from underneath your hat or hide the fringe underneath the hat.

7. If you wear your long hair open, you should pull it forward over your shoulders for a decidedly feminine look.


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