Shampoo Secrets

Leaving the hair salon is a great feeling: your hair is shiny and full of life, and your color is beautiful.  You find yourself looking in anything that has a reflection to enjoy every angle of your beautiful hair and a common wish runs through every woman’s mind: I wish my hair could look this good all the time.  One simple thing that can help you achieve this dream is by improving your shampoo routine.  Here are a few secrets to keeping that hair beautiful in between appointments:

1.  Use the right shampoo.  Not all shampoos are created equal, you need a good shampoo with quality ingredients to keep your hair looking great.  You want to stay clear of harsh chemicals like sulfates which are drying to the scalp and will strip your hair of that beautiful color. Buying a high quality shampoo from your salon will help ensure that your hair stays looking great through to your next appointment.

2.  Don’t rush.  When you are shampooing spend time massaging your scalp.  Use the pads of your fingers and give yourself the salon treatment every time you shampoo and then make sure your rinse thoroughly.  This process will stimulate hair growth and help prevent buildup.

3.  Skip a Day.  Our scalp produces a natural oil called sebum.  This works as  a great moisturizer for hair. When we wash our hair every single day we wash out the sebum and it never gets a chance to give us any benefit.  In addition washing your hair everyday can cause colored hair to fade faster.  Invest in a good dry shampoo and skip a day (or maybe 2), you will save time and have healthier more beautiful hair.


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