Go Bold with your Brows

Put away those tweezers ladies because big bold beautiful eyebrows are definitely in right now.  Those of you who are blessed with thick eyebrows can embrace a more natural look but even if you are a little sparse in the eyebrow department or you need a little time to grow your own back in you can still get the look with a little help.

The first thing you are going to need to know is that your eyebrows are going to to take time to grow back in, we are talking 6 weeks, so patience in this process is going to be a must.  To fill in your brows and give the appearance of a thick brow you are going to need a good angled brow brush, you want to stay away from brow pencils as powders will give you a softer more natural look.  For the powders you can use eyeshadow or your best bet is to buy a brow shadow kit that has multiple colors for blending.   Use a darker color on the center of your brow and then add a lighter shade and blend towards the edges.  When brushing on the color try to brush on your hairs, don’t brush the color on your skin, this will help keep your look very natural.



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