Reach New Lash Lengths

If you’re like most women, you’d die to have long, thick, beautiful eyelashes.  If you were not naturally blessed, false eyelashes are not your only solution. Using an eyelash enhancer is a great way to improve upon your lash length and fullness.  We love GrandeLASH-MD formula.  It is natural and safe with no side effects and you do not need a prescription to get it, it is now available at cut. Apply at night and in a short time you will notice improvements in length, thickness, and density.

In addition to an enhancer there are few tricks to extend those lashes to great lengths.  Apply powder on eyelashes.  This will separate lashes and also help the mascara adhere.  Next use an eyelash curler.  Start close to the eye and depress for a few seconds, release and slowly move out along the lashes and depress again, repeat several times.  This is a little trick that really aids in the illusion of longer lashes.  Then apply 3 coats of mascara and allow a few minutes between each coat for drying.  In between each coat use a lash brush to keep clumping at bay.  It is also great to use two different types of mascara a lengthening and a volumizer to get the benefit of both formulas at once.

Now you are ready to go bat those eyes with the best of them!

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