Why Go Clipless?

2013 is here and surprise, those sexy beachy waves are more popular than ever so if you haven’t added a clipless curling iron to your arsenal of styling tools now is the time.  While most women are familiar with and probably own a spring clamp curling iron (or two or three) there are quite a few benefits to going clampless.  Although they can be difficult to master once you have it down you can enjoy curls without those annoying creases.

To use the iron you want point the wand down take sections of hair and start at the root and wrap hair around the barrel.  Hold for 5-10 seconds and then slide hair off gently.  Starting at the top and wrapping the hair around the wand instead of clamping the hair and turning the barrel creates a fuller wave throughout the hair and enhances volume.  In addition by starting at the top you are able avoid heat damage to your ends which is a major plus in keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful.

Not all clipless irons are created equally.  You want to find one that has consistent heat across the barrel.  At Cut, we  love the Enzo Milano irons.  These award winning styling wands are high quality, heat up fast, and deliver consistent beautiful curls that are long lasting.  They are designed with Aluminum Non-Stick coated barrels that serve as a protective barrier between the heat and hair, while the ceramic heating element encased inside the barrels protect hair cuticles.

Anyone can have those Taylor Swift waves with the right tool!



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