Winter Hair Woes

The weather is getting colder outside and the air is drying out which can only mean one thing, winter time is around the corner and so are those dreaded winter time hair woes. From dry brittle hair to static electric frizz, it might seem impossible to have beautiful hair this season but have no fear Cut, your favorite hair salon in San Diego is here to help. There are often simple solutions that can make your hair healthy and happy even in the winter. Here are some of the top hair problems and what we recommend to keep your hair at it’s best:

Signature Moisture Masque

The Big Dry Out

In the winter that dry cold weather combined with indoor heating systems creates a recipe for dry hair plagued with splits ends and prone to breakage. Your hair is screaming for moisture so give it what it wants. Switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner; and indulge in a weekly hair treatment like Oribe’s Signature Moisture Masque. Limit your time with the hair dryer by letting your hair air dry for 30 minutes prior to blow drying and make sure to use a heat protector such as Oribe’s Royal Blowout. Also opt for styling creams over gels, Oribe’s Creme for Style is excellent for a firm hold with flexibility and will add moisture to your hair.

Limp and Lifeless Hair

As the humidity leaves the air it can often cause your hair to fall flat. This can be easily remedied with a product like Oribe’s Maximista Spray. Set your hair using this and it will add volume and body giving you that beautiful bouncy hair you desire.

Static Electricity, Frizz, and Flyaways

There is nothing worse than unruly hair sticking out in every direction. When static electricity is involved you can simply rub your hair with a regular dryer sheet and you are good to go. However to tame frizz and flyways you want to stay away from washing with hot water (no matter how cold it is outside). The hot water will dry out your hair creating a playground for frizz. Apply a leave in conditioner like Oribe’s Supershine and invest in a good boar bristle brush like the Ibiza Z Series.

Get ready to turn heads this winter!

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